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SEO Made Simple
Search Engine Optimisation boils down to a few key things. So here is Search Engine Optimization made easy.

1. Optimised Website Page Titles should explain what you do.
2. Website keywords should be researched regularly to pick the best.
3. Optimised Website content should talk about what you do and reuse the SEO keywords.
4. Ensure your Search Engine Optimization activities include the design of SEO landing pages to attract particular visitor types.
5. Keep your web site's content fresh and dynamic to maximise optimisation.
6. Use bold text and headings to emphasise certain words to improve optimisation.
7. Submit your website to online directories and search engines.
8. Review the condition of your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) regularly.
Thats it! Search Engine Optimisation made easy!
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Too much information

SEO Made Simple

If you would rather print and read then visit our "SEO Help" page - a downloadable and free SEO Guide is available there.

Or if you reckon you need someone else to worry about all this SEO stuff on your behalf give us a call - full contact details are on the "About" page.

Or simply call 01786 430076 to talk to our SEO team who can advise on what SEO activities would be the best for your business.

1. Optimised page titles

A website page title is the text that appears right at the top of your browser. Often people just put the name of their website or company name there. But Search Engines use it to figure out what the page is all about. So to optimise your website make sure it describes what each page is all about. Call 01786 430076 for the SEO expert support you need. 

2. Pick the best keywords

Each webpage has an area where you enter the Keywords during the design. A Keyword is a word which represents what is on that page. However, don't just say "Product X" say "Great deals on Product X" or "Fast delivery on Product X".

You can find out what are the best Keywords by using various tools. See our "SEO Tools" page for more info on how to research those words. Or let our SEO experts do all the hard work for you, call 01786 430076 now.

The Keyword section of a web page has fallen out of favour due to abuse by some website owners. So don't get over excited about it's use. Keep your Keyword list down to 10 or 12 words or phrases - that should be enough.

3. Optimised website content

Search Engines now largely ignore the Keywords section. But don't despair. Search Engines now use the Description section of your web site to figure out what your site is all about.  So make sure that the Description section is clear and concise about what you do. Don't beat about the bush - Search Engines don't understand that. Keep it simple.

Even more importantly Search Engines look at your website text - the copy, the content. So you have to write that website copy with two audiences in mind.... a human and a machine. Machines don't really go in for flowery prose - so your website content has to be written in such a way that it is extremely clear what your site is all about. You should reuse your researched Keywords within your text. And you should use them regularly so that there is no mistake that you sell "Product X". But don't overdo it. If a Search Engine sees too many occurences of your Keywords it may think that you are up to something. So enhance your website content - don't suffocate it.

For website copy expertly written to attract the Search Engines call us now on 01786 430076 or email .

4. Landing pages

A landing page is a page on your site designed to attract a particular type of visitor. It may be a page dedicated to a particular product or it could be a page specific to a special offer or promotion.

For such pages the Title, Keywords, Description and Content should all tie together so that the Search Engines get the overwhelming evidence that the page is for "Product X".

You need landing pages to help the Search Engines direct their customers to the right part of your site straightaway. Customers will search for "Product X" by name not by your company's name - so make sure you have landing pages that make that process easy.

For help with designing SEO friendly landing pages call us now on 01786 430076 or email now.

5. Dynamic content

Search Engines and people are alike when it comes to content on a website. If it hasn't changed in a while then why bother going back? So to keep your visitors and the Search Engines happy you need to keep the content fresh.

You can do this in a number of ways.

1. Add RSS feeds to your site (thats news from other sites which will change automatically). You can choose RSS feeds from some News sites based on your Keywords.

2. Contract with an editorial firm to supply new and interesting stories with the correct Keywords included in the copy.

3. Ask your website development company if they can do it (we will for instance).
4. Do it yourself.
For the latest dynamic content techniques and expert SEO support call us now on 01786 430076 or email us today on .
6. Emphasis

Just as with a newspaper, Headings and text emphasis matters. Search Engines will look to see if a page has sections identified with Header Tags. If it does then the chances are that that page is really talking about "Product X" as a main topic - not just in passing. So use bold, italics and font size changes within your headings and styles to encourage the Search Engines. Or call us now on 01786 430076.

7. Online directories and Search Engine submission

To improve your PageRank you'll need to ceate incoming links to your site. So get busy! Many online directories are free places to list your site and describe your business. This is a time consuming activity but it is necessary.

And of course make sure you submit your site and a website sitemap to the Search Engines directly. They will eventually find you even if you don't do this - but you might as well give them a helping hand.

For help in finding the best directory sites for your business call our SEO experts on 01786 430076 or email  us to find out more on .

8. Review your SEO regularly

Don't do it and forget it! Things change. Keep an eye on your website traffic and the way in which your visitors are finding you. You can do this using some of the tools we list on our "SEO Tools" page.

Or ensure your website developer keeps on top of the game for you. The Search Engines like to make their systems better - so don't get left behind. To find out how cost effective it can be to stay on top of your SEO website call us today on 01786 430076 or email now.

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