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Dinosaur Eats Banana - a tale of SEO, Dinosaurs and Bananas

Terrence the Dinosaur and the banana
Terrence the Dinosaur and the banana



You may wonder why this page is here. Well it's for fun.

We thought it might be a bit of SEO fun to see if we can get ranked on the search engines for the phrase "Dinosaur Eats Banana". It has a serious purpose however, it's to help show our visitors and SEO customers that being number one or highly rated in a Search Engine is always possible - but if the search term is pretty unlikely then you've wasted your time and money.

ps if the Dinosaur story actually appeals we are open to offers from publishers and film makers! And for the avoidance of doubt this page is Copyright Objective Associates Limited just in case we get lucky.

pps nobody seems to have anything that gets listed for the exact phrase "Dinosaur eats banana"- and if we have inadvertantly used the name from the title of a kids book that we don't know about please let us know - it's purely accidental.

Dinosaur Eats Banana - copyright Objective Associates Limited


This is Terrence. Terrence is a Dinosaur. He is a T-rex dinosaur.

He's a hungry dinosaur. So watch out for those sharp teeth.   

Terrence the Dinosaur


Terrence lives in the jungle. High in the trees bananas grow.

But Terrence the dinosaur has never seen a banana.
Bunch of bananas for the dinosaur
One day he sees a bunch of bananas.

He smells the bananas and decides to eat a banana just in case it tastes good. 
Dinosaur sees bananas

He picks the banana from the bunch and looks at it.

"Hmm", he thinks. "Do Dinosaurs eat bananas?"
"Hmm, why not!"
So Terrence the Dinosaur eats banana.
Dinosaur eats banana
His tummy feels full.

He roars "Dinosaur eats banana" and roars again "Dinosaur eats banana".

He stamps his Dinosaur feet and roars.... "Dinosawwwww......"

Roars - dinosaur eats banana



banana skin for dinosaur



 He slips on the banana skin, falls down and bumps his dinosaur head.

"Hmmm" he thinks "maybe I won't eat a banana again".

Dinosaur slips on banana skin

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